10 Traits Women Find Amazing In A Man

Like a relationship counselor, my male customers (who are typically dealing with a hard breakup) often ask me, “ what traits or characteristics do women look for within a guy”?

Nicely, there are many traits that ladies find appealing, however I’ ve simplified the list right down to 10 qualities which almost all women discover universally appealing:

one Confident. You’ ve probably heard this just before, but women tend to be hard-wired to gravitate towards men who are confident. Self-confidence is not something that can be easily “ photoshopped, ” and several men who attempt end up searching cocky or pompous. But true self-confidence is a very appealing quality.

2 . Impartial & not clingy: This ties in the traits I actually mentioned above, confidence, because typically men who are independent and also self-confident don’ t need validation. They will don’ t ask others, “ do you think I’ m handsome” or perhaps “ do you think I’ m amusing? ” A man who is unbiased, confident and comfortable with themself doesn’ t require external affirmation.

three. Emotionally stable & unaffected: Females – especially appealing ones – are extremely used to viewing men get flustered when in their existence. Many men display this type of apparent emotional and sexual response in the presence of a good woman… and the guys who don’ t – the guys who are totally unaffected – stand out from the group.

four. Comfy: Again, as already stated, it’ ersus very attractive when a man is always calm and gathered. Stress is infectious, so women wish to be with a man that has a calm and also casual demeanor.

5. Amusing: Again, this is a characteristic which almost all women like. And most men are funny on a few level, they just don’ t know how to make use of that humor in normal everyday situations. There’ ersus absolutely no question which funny guys get lots of interest through females.

six. Fashionable & well-groomed: Should you look like Brad Pitt to land a time? No, most women can easily see when a folk takes care of themself and pays attention to the subtle details of his look. Again, a person don’ t must be a ripped hunk of a folk, but you must put some effort into your look.

7. Interpersonal: To put it simply, women tend to be attracted to men who may have lots of pals and appear to become socially popular. This shouldn’ t become a surprise, since having lots of pals indicates that lots of people enjoy your business.

8. Goal: Whether or not you’ ve actually achieved aims does not matter, but females are attracted to men who display ambition and also motivation. When you’ re driven to succeed, females will notice.

nine. Smart & talented: Simply because you’ re also not a rock superstar or a high-profile sportsman doesn’ t imply you can’ t be smart and talented. Maybe you may play the violin, take great photos, or compose poetry… any expertise beyond video games & belching is attractive to females.

ten. Genuine & truthful: Females can sense a unethical man from a mile away, so men who are candid and also honest will be more appealing to females.

Are usually these ten characters traits an exhaust list? Are they the only real things that females look for within a man? Obviously not. Every woman are very different. However having said that, the 10 traits I outlined above are typically universally approved as desirable character traits.

Therefore , if you wish to make yourself as attractive as you can to the opposite sex, then the list above is a great place to start!

Ricky Booth is author of many connection & dating posts, including The Ex Back Guide which shows people how to make their ex lover miss them and how to contact a good ex lover.


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  1. Or would you think that your characteristics derive from what you have been through inside your existence?

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  4. Just how much can being a gay icon increase your career?

  5. So why do many people get upset when women say outright they prefer tall males?

    I’ll express it, I should never be drawn to a guy who’s shorter than 5’6 and 5’6 is around the shorter side to ensure that guy would need to possess some very amazing traits to pay.

    I favor men who’re 5’10 and taller.

    What’s so wrong with stating this? I’ve not a problem hearing men say they merely like blondes (and I am brunette), or they merely like women with curves (I am really petite).

    Thankfully we are not every drawn to one another or it might be tough to select a partner and become faithful, right?

    lol, are you currently being serious?

    Who’s stating that short males should disappear from the face of the world? That’s taking it a little too much.

  6. Another questions are

    1. How are women seen inside your culture?

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    Thank you for responding to all or any of those questions. I truly appreciate any assistance on this project.

  7. could this be possible?? I figured aries were heartstrong dominatrix’s

    Heres his chart. 3/21/’ 83

    SunAries .26






    SaturnScorpio3.18 R

    UranusSagittarius9.05 R


    PlutoLibra28.54 R


    Asc nodeGemini29.42

    Are you able to please let me know about him based off this? Thankss!!

    I am Virgo Sun/Taurus Moon/Libra Rising&Mercury/Venus Scorp/Mars Cap

    Could we work long-term???

  8. I remained in your own home for school because my mother has not experienced the very best of health. I had been only 10 when she first began medicine for top bloodstream pressure and this past year she’d a gentle cardiac arrest, throughout which my dad could not be also arrived at while he what food was in a ‘retreat’ together with his chapel. *This is a entirely unique can of earthworms* Anyway, 2 heart methods later, she’s off 2 of her medications. She comes with sarcoidiosis (I most likely typed that wrong), and does not feel well many of the time but her heart wasn’t broken throughout the attack. You should be honoring but we can not while he is causing us to be both MISERABLE. I’m not sure what else I’m able to do. He hates, and that i mean HATES that people did not join this chapel with him. He calls us both Satan and states that we are why his existence is not good. Given, I had been an accidental baby, however i did not Request him to become here. Sometimes If only my mother could leave him, because she warrants A lot better. I’ve the very best mother on the planet, I am tearing up just considering how amazing she’s. I really hope I turn to be the vast majority the lady she’s.

    I am 22 and going to begin my last semester of school. I had been thinking about leaving after, however i am afraid of departing my mother alone with him. Like, I do not have trouble with people getting a faith however this gets frightening. Two times I have woken as much as him putting holy water on me (my mother has too). I’ve found him within their room (despite the fact that my mother sometimes will not use there) together with his arms up ‘giving his soul to God’. He foretells ‘God’ within the bathroom at like three or four each morning. As well as, everything everybody about him does is ‘evil’. Yesterday he discovered which i support gay marriage and screamed at me which i would hell. The ultimate hay, however, was as he told my mother “Well, I’m not sure why you are accusing me for the inability to be arrived at (once the cardiac arrest happened), should you have had attended chapel it most likely wouldn’t have happened!” That PISSED me off in unbelievable ways.

    I am talking about, I recieve it. He was raised by having an abusive father (as did my mother) and that he got hurt at work and ended up being identified with hep C this past year and began treatment this season…however this is absurd. He sits on his butt all day long, demanding that me or my mother bring him food/juices/movies all day long, yet he could not be located when she’d cardiac arrest? When she’d pneumonia he left her and visited a golf club! Another time she’d the herpes virus and she or he requested him for a mug of ice and that he LEFT The Home FOR 12 Hrs. Shall We Be Held the only person that thinks this can be aDollarDollarin reverse and frightening? Oh, I didn’t remember to say, he started me from his room last evening because ‘my presence is disturbing your dog.A -_- I simply don’t get sound advice any longer. I am getting scared to depart my mother with him. She has been through enough in her own existence, and that i love her an excessive amount of to simply say ‘you cope with it.’ That isn’t a choice. Every other advice?

  9. I am speaking about people from india.A lot of my american co- employees always party Indians since they’re cheap and annoying using their cheapness.They stereotype us with curry odour,rude.Same applies to britons.

  10. Do u no worthwhile tunes (present day) about nobody/someone not thinking you , or everybody/someone laying for you, ? Prefer anything , except screamo unless of course it’s a mixture of both screaming and singing, 10 points

    Thanks I’n regards (:

  11. i really like aston merrygold!!!

    im obsessive about aston merrygold from JLS Xfactor (you are able to google him!) i can not possess a decent conversation with my buddies without getting him up. All day long i view my training fantasizing about him! i truly wanna overcome this…and im only 13!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know him! Can anybody suggest ways to get over him??? Thanks xxxx

    I am going for an all-women school so it may be insufficient boyness!

    Also, Aston does modelling or no of you’ve seen his Manufacturers Wii advert (you are able to youtube it) and i’ve got a model agency. Shall we be held being retarded to consider we’re able to meet in an audition? Marvin and Aston met in an audition! i understand i keep reposting this and im sorry however i need assistance! lol

  12. I’m 21 years of age and I’ve got a situation. I’d unguaranteed sex on This summer 4, that was apparently after i was ovulation. Since the seventh, I have been getting signs and symptoms of childbearing. I have had head aches, bad cramps, urges, nausea, mood shifts, sore breasts, now I felt like I had been getting my period despite the fact that I wasn’t. My period is not even due for an additional 9-ten days. I’m worried I possibly could be pregnant? Do you consider I might be? The guy who I’d sex with..my mother claims if he will get me pregnant, my siblings would kill him so should i be pregnant, I might have to have an abortion. I’m professional-choice, however i don’t like the thought of abortion making this really eating me up inside. What must i do?

  13. i am talking about mismatched as with, the man being really ugly

    and also the girl being really pretty

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  15. I am a 27 years old guy. Throughout my existence, I’ve only had very bitter encounters with females. I’ve been made fun of, insulted as well as racially mistreated (due to my wheatish skin tone) by women. I’ve been inside a couple of associations previously, but in most individuals associations the ladies completely centered me, used me for his or her satisfaction and treated me just like a doormat. The women that I wasn’t romantically involved, I had been treated like garbage. They accustomed to take every chance to humiliate me. I’ve not had even one enjoyable memory with any lady, except my mother and feminine relatives. I simply do not understand the reason behind this, since most people state that I am a warm and friendly guy who’s polite, soft spoken and has a great spontaneity. And also the strange factor is, I’ve had no issues with males whatsoever. Most males treat me based, and are generally totally friendly beside me. Only women treat me badly. And also the shocking factor is it happens almost with each and every lady, and not simply a couple of of these. When it comes to looks, I am certainly way excellent. Even when I wasn’t, there’s pointless for lady to deal with me badly. After I talked about this condition with my male buddies, they explained that I am too soft and submissive, so women utilize this. I’m not sure what lengths it is a fact. But because of these bitter encounters, I’ve completely lost belief in females. It’s arrived at a place where Personally i think really miserable and uneasy even when I simply visit a lady apart from mother and relatives. You people may state that not every women are just like that, and that i only agreed to be unlucky within this matter, and so i should not give on women. But my situation differs. Suppose there’s a specific exam you need to obvious. Nevertheless its very tough, and also you fail it successively for 10 occasions, as well as each attempt costs you some cash. Now after 10 unsuccessful attempts, will you be prepared to try attempt it for that eleventh time, knowing perfectly it will not be any simpler compared to previous attempts, and you will again need to pay for this? This really is my exact situation with females. Basically try getting together with lady again and imagine that the same things repeats, I haven’t got enough emotional energy left within me to resist it. I truly have no idea how to approach this problem. Now, my problem is becoming so severe which i find it hard to even interact minimally with female co-workers inside my place of work. I am really concerned about this. Please assist me. Basically had bad encounters with simply a couple of women, then it’s understandable. But I have experienced this with each and every lady within my existence, regardless of whether I had been romantically associated with her or otherwise. I am really dejected and depressed in regards to this. Please assist me.

    P.S. A sincere request. People, if you are not able that helped me to out, do not publish one sentence solutions for example ‘you need therapy’. I have recently been via a lot, and that i could greatly do without your jibes.

  16. I have heard they do not cash doctrines concerning the afterlife, not to mention most of the practices that you simply find out about within the old testament are longer in position, what exactly is Judaism about nowadays? Could they be still awaiting a deliverer?

  17. I am reading through a magazine and I have to find characteristics of the young girl for any book report. She’s a 7 years old girl who would go to eighth grade. She’s super VERY wise and it has a mind Full of intelligence. I wish to determine if being wise and getting intelligence is really a character trait!

    I am reading through The Entire Tragedy of the girl named Hamlet

  18. My childhood continues to be different, as you would expect. In grade 5 I discovered that despite me as being a girl, I truly loved women greater than boys. I dated a woman in grade 8. Then another in grade 10. I additionally dated a couple of men among. I figured I loved gilrs more, but I am dating I guy now. After Nikki (my last girlfriend) I simply did not want to cope with ‘girl drama’, and so i began dating this really amazing guy. He’s quite different, he likes putting on women clothes and it has a woman alter-ego, which in the beginning was great because I am also Gender Queer (Ithink this is the right term). However, I still find women attractive, and that i could really see myself with another lady, despite the fact that I am crazily deeply in love with this boy! I am so confused at this time. Part of me wants to return to women since it makes me feel macho, and despite the fact that my boyfriend likes pretending to become a girl his male body makes me feel an excessive amount of just like a girl. I truly don’t get sound advice. Maybe I am thinking to hard relating to this, but I am so torn and that i don’t fully realize anybody that has been through something even such as this. Any advice?

  19. I am going to Google this, however i would like different personal sights about them. Do you consider specific characteristics could be passed from parent to child genetically? And why or why don’t you?

  20. What exactly are 3 of her characteristics so when does she reveal that?

  21. I’m carrying out a book project (within the summer time) and extremely take some help! What exactly are good quality characteristics explaining Maria. Also, exactly what is a hook that may be well-employed for an essay about Maria. Ex. Maria may be the daughter of the wealthy and effective family, despite the fact that her family might be arrogant snobs, Maria sticks out in the relaxation.

  22. Hi,

    My boyfriend (of just about 24 months) and that i are generally within our 40′s. He is an excellent, diligent and decent guy. He’s an incredible family and circle of buddies who treat me like gold. We’re very content.

    His mother is an extremely nice lady and it is best to me. She’s also experienced from schizophrenia for many of her existence, she’s almost 70 years of age.

    He’s explained horror tales from his existence about her reactions, delusions, violent breakouts, running away, hearing things and so forth. She’s been committed two times and arrested on several occasions.

    He stated she’s affected not just her existence but her family’s, his former marriage, his work, his buddies and that he stated he was afraid with each and every episode she would dominate his existence.

    I have not been witness to the of her episodes until lately. She started to possess another meltdown about last month. He first viewed it coming and stated it absolutely was about five to six years since her 4g iphone that was really bad. In those days, she would be a danger to herself and she or he was committted.

    Within the last month, she’s completely stopped taking her medicine, try to escape several occasions (in her own vehicle), and it has showed all of the traits of somebody together with her illness can have if not correctly medicated.

    He explained that coping with this his entire existence has had a toll of the relationship. He loves her very much but to be honest is baffled now in regards to what to complete. Like a guy, he really wants to repair it, but he cannot. He’s an only child and she or he has only two brothers and sisters left.

    His father divorced her after almost 3 decades of marriage (a long time ago). He explained another evening that they has destroyed many lives through the years.

    He is a great guy but had had enough.

    My boyfriend is an extremely happy go lucky kind of guy. Within the last month, he appears like he’s aged ten years. He’s sullen, angry and tired and that i know he’s upset and frustrated about his mother.

    I’m concerned about him. He just began a brand new job and it has already needed to remove time for you to search for her. I can tell this already going for a toll on him, us, his work, his health, everything.

    To finish it off, I lost my job on Friday and was postponing telling him until tomorrow and that he requested me about this tonight. I’d no choice but to inform him and that he appeared as if he’d another 50 pounds put into his shoulders. Personally i think horrible!

    I’ve offered many suggestions but am rapidly told which i have no clue what’s coming together with her which case “the end from the iceberg”.

    Two nights ago, her sister could take her towards the physician and also got her back on her behalf meds. Last evening, we known as and she or he was cooking dinner. Today, he visited visit her after calling her and declaring that he was coming.

    She went berserk and accused him to be a complete stranger and required off in her own vehicle.

    He anxiously waited on her in the future home then went searching for her he then finally came home, frustrated and incredibly, very upset.

    I’m not sure how you can help him. She needs help and departing her alone and expecting her to consider her meds correctly is really a mistake. It requires 7-fourteen days for that meds to consider effect.

    I provided to have her come and remain around for any couple of several weeks to have it together and that he stated definitely not!

    Tonight she’s safe together with her sister so when he known as to evaluate her, she began screaming he would be a stranger and never her boy.

    This upset him greatly.

    Does anybody have suggestions?

    Appreciate your time and effort.

  23. They share a prefrence for tall males? I’m a guy, 23 contributing to 5’2 weighing about 120. Some ladies have explained a tall guy means they are feel protected and secure. However, Don’t we’ve police and mobile phones for any reason? I have not felt strange standing alongside taller people. Easily the funniest women are the type who’re short but nonetheless prefere a tall guy which leaves shorter men much like me out.

  24. I believe males with female characteristics are known as femmes. (Is the fact that derrogatory? Would there be considered a better term to explain?) How does one describe a lady who dresses femininly, is fairly, talks just like a lady but thinks a lot more like a man? I am searching for a great word. Thanks. If you do not know. Jokes for any laugh are welcome.

    Corrected gender roles.

  25. I’m Taurus, Aries Moon, Leo/Cancer Rising cusp, Venus Aries, Mars Leo, Midheaven Pisces, Chiron Virgo. May I additionally add Exactly what is a Chiron, and it is polar opposite from midheaven.

    April 28, 1995 10:57am.

  26. I’m horrible at writing intro sentences by having an attention getter and thesis statement, so anything helps! This can be a ninth grade british assignment incidentally, and also the characteristics are gifted, determined, and paitent.

  27. My boyfriend is easily the most incredible person on the planet he means something to me right now, and that i could not make a day without speaking to him. He’s the best, most amazing person who I understand and I enjoy you need to be near him, to listen to his voice, pay attention to him breath. I really like seeing him smile and laugh and that i love the way in which he talks, and every one of his little habits.

    But I am beginning to hate him as if you wouldn’t believe. Despite the fact that I really like him and to be with him, after i shall we be held feel irritated along with a little mad at myself – which he’s inadvertently making me mad at myself makes me mad at him. I’ve an eating disorders and are afflicted by an panic attacks and depression – among other activities – and that i seem like he’s triggering me. Actually, I’m almost certain that he’s. I published an issue about this a couple of days ago, and also, since meeting him I’ve relapsed and am very anxious and paranoid, have experienced minor fits and self-injured – that we had not completed in nine several weeks. He’s always saying that I am beautiful and amazing, also it just will get me angry and sad since i seem like he’s laying to my face. I’ve really low self-esteem and do not hold myself high, so when he states this stuff I seem like he’s mentioning my defects. Also, he is not my usual type It’s my job to choose men who’re more worried about their looks than he’s. This really is essentially my polite method of stating that he generally does not style his hair or shave very frequently. I that can compare with hair on your face and i’m definitley physically drawn to him, though that he’s so dissimilar to my usual types makes me seem like I am kidding myself. He’s very ‘farmer-boy’, and to tell the truth I am going for additional effeminate males who’re taller and thinner – as they is all about 5’9-10 and it is strong, a small tiny bit chubby. Yesterday we where speaking and that he stated something really sweet in my experience, and in the beginning I had been really happy, however I simply burst out crying and needed to hang up the phone. The truth is, everything I simply stated cause me to feel hate him, however i love individuals reasons for him.

    After which there’s the truth that we are extremely almost identical – with the exception of our appearance and also the fact he’s a guy and i’m a lady. We love to exactly the same things and act exactly the same way, love exactly the same music and also the same television, such as the same books and also have the same feeling of humour, always thinking exactly the same factor. I do not enjoy myself whatsoever. Actually I type of hate myself – and also the couple of traits we do not have in keeping are actually the a person’s I’d want him to know. We also have the equivalent brothers and sisters, and also to place a cherry onto it we’ve two brothers and sisters each using the identical title.

    I really like him a lot, however i hate him too, and that i just don’t get sound advice. Advice?


  28. how should a woman date you? (how should a woman show she’s thinking about you?)

    would you should you prefer a sweet,kind,gentle,witty,sincere,fiery girl or perhaps a sexy,logical,reasonable,loyal,feminine one?

    if it can benefit the very first girl it is a sagittarius and it is jason bourne because even when she’s crazy in love with this aries guy she wont leave her “runaway” behavior for anxiety about losing her freedom,getting hurt so she’s very hard to chase, the 2nd girl it’s virgo and it is jason bourne since the aries it isn’t her type of boy and she or he does not have confidence in love

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  29. Please put as numerous characteristics you understand Charlotte now Doyle in the book, “The Real Confessions of Charlotte now Doyle”.


    Put as much as possible.

  30. I’m torn between 2 men. Good traits to possess?

  31. I drink my Coffee black without sugar nor milk, half and half, low body fat milk, etc. I remember when i saw this lady order an espresso with 10 sugars inside it. I checked out her and shook my mind. She appeared as if a body fat Ox. Soda isn’t any healthy for you too. People in america, especially unprivileged won’t have it until it’s past too far and they’ve advanced Diabetes.

  32. Yes, whitened people depend on developing “whitened” social abilities because they already know in the united states, the very best tasks are being occupied by whitened people, plus they got to the peak by getting “whitie” abilities. Whitened people don’t have to be responsive to other ethnic groups to locate work. But other ethnic groups should try to learn and become fake to mimick the “whitened” social order to obtain a job. That’s why whitened individuals don’t depend on receiving targeted grades through school, they do not need that around getting whitened social abilities. That’s why chinese born asians who hang on to a’s and b’s and yellow culture may have difficulty to find employment when it’s provided by whitie. A lot of yellows start their very own business to prevent asking one from whitie that they won’t ever get anyway. Whitened guy sucks. Go al cada, kill whitie people in america.

    my background. 2 yrs of law. accounting degree, business degree, and also have had many encounters staying at the reciever finish from the racist whitened guy running a business, social configurations, employment

  33. Are you able to produce characteristics that you’d connect with Maya Angelou within the caged bird sings.?

    Why did Maya punish herself when she measured flour/corn meal wrong and just how did she experience the William Johnso General Merchandise Store?

  34. Capricorn (men,or i suppose any that they like women) so how exactly does a woman get the attention,and just how THE HELL are we able to determine if you want us or otherwise??

  35. I’ve got a project due tomorrow and I am stuck on his characteristics.

    I must have a minimum of 6.

    And also to provide a brief, specific explanation of the example revealing the trait provide a correctly punctuated and qouted citation. (this came from the instructions)

    Please, help anyway you are able to :)

    Thanks ahead of time!

  36. No, really I’m a great girl. In NC. Where did all of the good males go? Were they drawn right into a vortex which i skipped? It was simpler to satisfy males before I’d an excellent career and extremely discovered that i’m pretty damn amazing…damn that self confidence really f**ks stuff up! lol Any advise for any great lady who does not choose to settle?

    resi6 any contact details? for u.

  37. So I am trying to produce a gift for my closest friend who’s birthday was on Sunday and I have made the decision to create a listing of 20 Explanations why she’s this type of great friend (because she’s two decades old) after each word I am likely to place a Bible Verse like a referance on her to find information about that cordinates using the word I selected to explain why she’s this type of close friend. Anyway I have develop a listing of 20 words and I’m wondering if a person could tell me if the words that I have selected are unique enough and never too similar? The bottom line is I’d describe my pal because the living illustration of the Proverbs 31 Lady using the added bonus of kid-like belief. No really, she’s that awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)










    10.Beautiful (inside and outside)





    15.Child-like Belief





    20.Proverbs 20:6 “Most males will proclaim everybody their own goodness but a faithful guy who are able to find?”

  38. Women, title 10 stuff you hate about boys/men?

    Boys, title 10 stuff you hate about women/female friends?

  39. When it comes to asking a woman’s standards, she is not usually honest about what she wants, though I know why this is (i.e. she doesn’t want to let anyone date her). Either that, or she doesn’t want to feel shame. Anyways, are these standards common?

    1. The man must have had his first girlfriend before he turned 13.

    2. He can’t be a virgin, I noticed women see that as highly unattractive.

    3. The guy has to be extraordinarily rich.

    4. He must be an abusive prick that beats her up or mortally wounds her at least once every day.

    5. The man has to have an expensive car that makes people drool over its amazing appearance.

    6. He can’t be living with his mother and father.

    7. The man must be a totally arrogant, narcissistic, selfish, uncaring, a-hole that everyone would hate.

    8. He needs to have a professional job that requires a college degree.

    9. He must take her on exciting dates every single night.

    10. The guy has to ignore her, take her for granted, and pretend as if she doesn’t exist.

    11. He must cheat on her constantly.

    12. The guy has to treat her like an object and have no respect for her whatsoever.

    13. He has to hurt her feelings, treat her like trash, insult her, call her names, and do everything he can to make her suffer.

    14. The man has to be a criminal that commits felonies on a daily basis.

    15. He must have a mental-illness that would get him sent to a psychiatric unit.

    16. The guy must have terrible hygienic standards.

    17. He has to have no manners at all.

    18. The guy has to have absolutely no morals at all.

    19. He must be ignorant and stupid as hell.

    20. The guy must be rude and mean to everyone, and be a total nasty scumbag.

    21. He must be a total drug addict.

    22. He must constantly get intoxicated.

    23. The guy must have a horrific history of conducting multiple criminal acts (all being felony offenses).

    24. He has to maintain all of this, or his woman will leave him in an instant, and hate him to the point where she wants him to die.

    The rest, it’s too awful for me to post. You’d puke if you saw any more of it.

    Basically, this is what I’ve observed to be women’s standards. Nearly all the ones I’ve seen ONLY date guys with these traits, and that of course, is absolutely disturbing.

    So, do most women want this, or do they truly want something else? What are their REAL desires? Are my initial beliefs true?

    Blatant insults will be reported.

    Btw, it’s not addressed to women due to dishonesty. They’ve claimed to want nothing of the sort on that list I made, yet the boyfriends they’ve chosen have these specific traits in abundance.

    I wanted to see how common this is in other places, and users on yahoo come from many different parts of the world, far away from where I live.

    People’s characteristics vary depending on where they live.

    I have no intention of becoming a scumbag for the sake of female companionship. As you already noticed this, I find those desires disturbing. When I saw the gals that wanted this….

    …Never was I more repulsed in my life at the time.

  40. I am 16 years of age, and that i consider myself a powerful Christian. As lengthy when i remember I have been drawn to women an not men. Due to my religion, I spent a long time praying to cope with this. I even dated a man for six several weeks attempting to be straight, however it did not work. This past year I met my closest friend, also an incredible christian girl. In some way us developed quite strong feelings and we’re now dating. In the end the study I have done and all sorts of work I put in being straight, I miss out on how this really is wrong. I’m unbelievably pleased with her as well as in love. She pushes me to become a better person along with a better christian. But people still throw scriptures at me telling m how wrong it’s. How is this an option if, as is available all been informed, I’ve attempted numerous occasions to become straight. Help me. I wish to perform the right factor. I do not think I’m able to do without her, but I wish to perform the rigght factor. Please no rude comments, Among the finest your thinking. Thanks !

  41. So me and my Aqua FWB do pretty awesome at this time! Its great! Both of us require more than enough room and freedom and each time we obtain together its fantastic. Both of us have a lot energy and also the sex literally moves the celebs and also the earth. But recently I believe my Aqua boy is developing some feelings for me personally however i cant really tell without a doubt. I needed rapport in the beginning but he didnt therefore we decided to perform the FWB. Im a Leo lady in order to obtain a romantic relationship from another person if he does not want allow it in my experience however i only agreed using the FWB since i understood we’d come with an awesome time together and the personality am amazing and so i understood it might be an event to keep in mind.

    I like it a great deal and Im in no hurry to transform it into a relationship now, strangely enough I am beginning to seem like this really is getting an impact on him. He’s being much more gratifying than normal and that he reveals in my experience just like a book. So when I discuss my feelings he always really wants to learn about them. He informs me which i will not be afraid to speak to him while he will invariably listen which us are the types of folks that can speak with eachother about anything..his actual words, that is most evident. He accustomed to take hrs to retort to my texts in order to call however he replies and returns my calls immediately he’s been keeping this up within the last 2 several weeks now. I still keep my distance, inadvertently obviously since i am super busy with school, volunteering, spending time with my other buddies, i require plenty of time alone.

    Once he attempted to obtain me to depart my buddies to get along with him however i rejected and stated I’ll find time for him tomorrow however i sent him tease text msgs the whole evening and that he went crazy for the following 24hours texting me nearly every hour. He was once so distant and nonchalant beside me however I seem like I’ve his undivided attention.

    Although he’s still very rigid about us not doing some things to help keep our relationship simple (he stated that he’s afraid when we continue romantic dates as well as when we always sleep over eachothers house that we’ll get too attached and it’ll get untidy) However it appears in my experience like he’s altering how he foretells me and just what we discuss. Now he provides me with updates about his existence without me even asking and he’s constantly asking me about mine. Its strange while he continues to be very rigid about our rules yet I seem like he’s catching feelings without requiring to continually stay the evening or embark on dates.

    Something is altering here’ take some Aquarius males to provide me some insight. It is not which i want our relationship to alter, I simply need to determine if he’s hiding his feelings from me. Im really thinking about another Leo guy that I am not sleeping with since i desire a romantic relationship now and also the Leo guy is available to one so he appears just like a better catch than my Aqua boy, despite the fact that I love my Aqua boy wayyyy more. Among the finest to understand if he’s really catching feelings if he’s, I might reconsider.

    This really is me:

    Sun 11°30′ Leo

    Moon 22°54′ Cancer

    Mercury 25°48′ Cancer

    Venus 26°02′ Virgo

    Mars 11°53′ Capricorn

    Jupiter 22°07′ Pisces

    Saturn 03°02′ Sagittarius

    Uranus 18°34′ Sagittarius

    Neptune 03°28′ Capricorn

    Pluto 04°31′ Scorpio

    This really is him:

    Sun 00°34′ Aquarius

    Moon 08°44′ Libra

    Mercury 06°09′ Aquarius

    Venus 13°47′ Sagittarius

    Mars 08°50′ Aries

    Jupiter 21°09′ Pisces

    Saturn 17°27′ Sagittarius

    Uranus 24°43′ Sagittarius

    Neptune 06°26′ Capricorn

    Pluto 09°42′ Scorpio

  42. I really like quotes and also the a person’s which require a little of thought once you have read them are the most useful.

    I must increase your assortment of these. Therefore if you will find all of your favourites then tell me? Several Zen quotes please?


    Also inspirational quotes :)

  43. What characteristics would you admire in people you say is heroes?

  44. let us here Them

  45. i am an informed single lady in her own mid 30s and quite good.searching too, but still, i do not appear to have the ability to find the best guy.

  46. What exactly are your preferred characteristics, and why? Exactly what do you love to begin to see the figures behave like?

    Personally, I really like the tales using the figures with witty reactions, and cocky attitude. It’s WAY cliche, however i like it. Will not help it (: Don’t criticize me in my opinion.

    Least favorite? Why?

  47. Watch this video:

    The voice echoes across generations… :)

  48. Let us face the facts. I have have been told by male buddies through the years and based by myself personal encounters, very attractive women don’t always perform better, even though they risk turning a guy on more initially. Have you been by having an ugly lady who just understood how you can make you happy, even when her looks alone could not turn yourself on?

    Alex yet others: You raise some good points. I too have little interest in going after rapport with body fat, ugly women, and realize how important arousal is and just how important it would be that the lady be attractive.

    However, I have known numerous men claiming the very best sex they have ever endured was once they were just a little drunk and also got between the sheets with a few ugly or body fat chick which was a goddess in mattress. The greater I consider it, the greater it appears the men who boast probably the most relating to this are usually not capable of dating attractive women, and thus will inform their guy buddies “she might be ugly, but she gives good B.J’s!”. I additionally possess some acquaintances, men who’re handsome and somewhat effective, yet their female friends are borderline ugly as well as in one situation hideous. I have no idea what draws in these slim, attractive males to women such as this, and suspect the ladies apply certain type of mind control or are extremely good in mattress they overcompensate for his or her ugliness.

  49. John Proctor from The Crucible.
    What are some character traits that describe him and why? what evidence from the play makes you describe him that way?

  50. 1. What is your preferred color?

    2. What is your preferred frozen treats?

    3. Would you fresh paint your nails? If what exactly color?

    4. Favorite Smiley Face (Ex: ))

    5. Favorite Season?

    6. Website your always on?

    7. Frozen treats or Frozen Yogurt?

    8. Favorite Chocolate?

    9. Chew gum?

    10. Greatest Pet peeve?

    11. Favorite song?

    12. Favorite factor about summer time (other then no school)

    13. When your existence be considered a movie?

    14. Favorite quote?

    15. Favorite factor to complete on the sunday?

    16. Ninja’s or Super heros?

    17. Favorite Vehicle?

    18. Favorite book?

    19. Which country would you like to visit?

    20. Should you have had any wish other then more wishes or money what will it be?

    21. Just say something random

    22. Favorite word?

    23. Favorite animal?

    24. Vegieterian? Carnivore? Omnivore? (Eats both vegetables and meat)

    25. Sweet tooth or Salt licker?

    26. Favorite “Bad” Food?

    27. Worst habbit?

    28. Best traits inside a guy?

    29. Worst Traits inside a guy?

    30. Most sexy guy or women alive?

    31. Have you such as this quiz?

    1. Light pink

    2. Birthday Cake

    3. Lavender and one white nail

    4. o

    5. Winter

    6. Facebook and Youtube

    7. Frozen Yogurt

    8. Chocolate and Gummy stuff

    9. Most of the time in school )

    10. Boys who obsess about stupid cartoons southpark, family guy, simpsons. Then setting they're profile picture as a southpark character -_-

    11. Breathe Me (MIA)

    12. Amusment parks, Carnival, water parks

    13. Yes.

    14. In order to be someone, you must first be yourself

    15. Sleep in, relax and watch movies

    16. Super Heros

    17. Trucks

    18. Gone Series

    19. Italy

    20. Hmm to be sing like Christina Aguilera

    21. MUFFINS

    22. Perpendicular

    23. Elephant

    24. Omnivore

    25. Sweet tooth

    26. Cotton Candy

    27. Eating at night

    28. Understanding

    29. Angry

    30. Bradley Cooper

    31. Well duh I made it

  51. I more often than not drawn to men who’re already inside a relationship or perhaps married.

    I’m not the kind of lady who’ll attempt to convince a guy to cheat on his wife/girlfriend. I am a shy/quiet person to start with, and so i will not even bother speaking towards the guy basically know these details already (my morals also prevent me from getting in the centre). However I still infatuate/such as these men cheap I actually do makes me feel guilty (particularly with the married males) :( I possibly could do something important and obtain depressed by considering them, and it is frustrating.

    I am not drawn to them since they’re “someone who I am unable to have” but more because I am afraid I’ll never hire a company with individuals same looks, characteristics and personality.

    And I have attempted considering some negative traits about the subject, nevertheless its hard even attempting to title some. The great traits always over-shadow the negative ones.

    Any tips/input?

  52. The general impression I had been playing after reading through “Trifles” was that I believed it was an item that summarized a fight between genders. In the beginning I had been frustrated and perturbed with the way the males felt that they are over the women. I felt like rising towards the attorney and sheriff and letting them know how idiotic they looked. They walked around as though they’d a large, proper plan in position to research the murder. They stored taking little injections in the lady by shaming their conversation about knitting. Much more reality things that they poked fun at were what assisted the ladies discover the evidence, as well as the reasoning behind, why Minnie Wright might have wiped out her husband.

    The ladies within this piece as well as their responses, or lack there of, towards the males, is exactly what chose to make this text so enjoyable for me personally. I loved the way the women stored their awesome and didn’t rub within their husbands’ faces the things they had revealed. The males ongoing to become self-righteous even if your audience already understood exactly what the women were onto.

    In the finish once the women hide the bird in the males, this signifies their loyalty for their gender. It appears to become their method of, not condoning, but understanding, how Mrs. Wright might be pressed to the stage of killing her husband. The living male figures within this play portrayed traits that may be considered insulting and demeaning to women, hence leading the feminine figures to remain faithful to their personal kind instead of to individuals who place them lower. This can be a a smaller amount harsh method of showing how hurt or unhappy they might feel, instead of killing them.

  53. I meet a woman 6 several weeks ago. We’ve spoken for any very long time and really went. We’d a beer and she or he ate some food that we taken care of like a guy should. :-)

    She’s sent me email that states “u are extremely clever and try to put this type of large smile on my small face. Ur stand out. In my opinion in fates and i believe u and that i were saposed to satisfy :)

    However when I text her or email her, she does not respond but transmits perhaps a quick “Hi I really hope your doing good.”

    Well I requested her out for Valentine’s and she or he stated no she and her women are heading out. I requested her if she was humiliate being beside me and she or he stated she isn’t embarrassed of me!!! She states if she wasn’t heading out together with her women she’d day me.

    My factor is she dangles by helping cover their a man Friend two times per week and informs me she’s only buddies and she isn’t seeing him. She’s only went beside me once. We did hug one another really fast and hug and she or he stated she would like to spend time beside me and states she gets there’s chemistry around.

    My other dilemma is I meet a very hot girl a few days ago as i was in Utah snow-boarding. We sitting up through the night saturday speaking. She stated she likes me. She really lives within Arizona about forty-five minutes from me. She stated we ought to take your time but she gets I’m being performed with this other girl.

    Must I tell the very first girl good-bye or perhaps is she really this shy or what? She does call me without warning, however i am hurt and sadden that they will not spend some time beside me like she does with this particular guy friend. She explained she was ending rapport whenever we first meet and has not seen anybody since that time.

    I told the brand new girl, I wish to take her out (Fly) to L.A. for Valentine’s to consume in a excellent restaurant (Something similar to Houston’s). She stated yes. We’ll return exactly the same evening.

    Please tell me what you will do and just how I ought to handle this. Do you consider I ought to opt for new girl and ditch the 180 day relationship?

    The lady I’ve noted for 6 several weeks is really a waitress where I see her at a couple of times per week drink beer and get your meals at. I’m considering declaring that I would like another waitress and that i know this looks bad, what exactly must i do? Will the first girl much like me???

    Help. I’ll give 10 points. Thanks,

  54. This is perfect for my research paper. I have to understand what jobs women aren’t permitted to pursue for example being right in front-line in war. Same applies to males, what tasks are they not permitted?

    Note: this relates to jobs in the usa meaning don’t produce employment inside a different country apart from America

  55. I am 35.

    I am male. And I am ugly. So I am two occasions ugly.

    I have seen this interview online with Jennifer Lawrence (the lady in the Hunger Games) and she’s beautiful, wise, charming, funny … everything.

    This is actually the interview (segment beginning at 4:10, she’s dazzling):

    http://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=uHJItnqUfD0

    After getting viewed the recording, I felt very sad.

    I began wondering: So why do I exist? Simply to provide a term of comparison with other people? I am talking about, I can not accomplish much within my existence, the very best I’m able to hope would be to bare this dead-finish job I have got. Therefore it is no problem that i can finish my existence without waiting to obtain old and decrepit.

    She’s amazing, I am nothing.

    Will not the planet be best without people much like me? What is your opinion?

    No religious solutions, please. Thanks.

    @I’mOnARoll: No trolling :(

    @Rani: What greatness?

    @Mr.Handsome: I care.

    @Zack: Wow… that’s something… :(

    Has anybody seen the recording?

    Each time is painful but it is just like a drug…

  56. Within the Bible we’ve good examples of both good characteristics and the poor quality ones to search for inside a spouse. I needed you to definitely share a number of your preferred ones, a few of the characteristics and characteristics that you’d search for, or aspire to have or perhaps be inside a spouse. Appreciate thinking about this and discussing.

    sincerely, andrew

    I’ll reveal to you certainly one of my faves. Rebekah is one, one thing that stick out about her is her readiness to provide, and just how she gave. In my opinion when compelled to visit miles, she’d go two, she gave with your an attractive heart. An example of the, happens when she gave water to Abraham’s servant, she did not only provide him water, but she fetched water for that camels too, until they’d enough to consume. ( Genesis 24:17-20 ) She gave greater than that which was needed, she gave wonderful her heart. She also had amazing belief ,she thought what God was doing and opted for Abraham’s servant to become married to Isaac, a guy she had not met, but whom God had hired to become her husband.

    You will find so much more, this really is this type of blessing in my experience I’m searching toward reading through others response.

    with love in Christ,


    Many thanks for all your sincere solutions, I’ve been fortunate reading through them!

  57. I do not make lots of money, insufficient to pay for my bills more often than not. I’m not sure who’d take proper care of my baby basically been with them, it’s due in October. I do not even understand how to drive and have a vehicle and my boyfriend pays my bills sometimes and that he leaves me basically keep your baby. I can not go back home because I haven’t got one. I’d rather not have an abortion but I’m not sure what else to complete. Any suggestions?

  58. So many of the women, those i’m drawn to (the greater attractive, popular women) don’t find me everything attracted my home, however when I am going elsewhere, the women appear to become crazy over me and that i dunno why. I do not find myself because the best searching guy, however i don’t find myself because the worst searching guy either. And So I need u LADIES to rate my looks on the scale of just one-10 please! Be truthful! I do not care if u think I am ugly, you need to be honest and express it! If u find me really hot express it! Please rate my looks as well as produce just a little description saying y u chose might wut u loved as well as did not like. I am pretty tall, kinda pale, very skinny. I am 6′ and that i weigh 140 pounds. I am pretty wise, I’ve like 3.9-4. GPA. O also don’t express it is dependent on personality, just assume I’ve got a great one, just choose my looks alone if u would date me or otherwise. U can observe a number of my photos on:

    http://world wide web.bebo.com/rapisdashit


    http://world wide web.pplaylist.com/user/9899357

  59. I want like 2 or 3 characteristics for each one of the figures in Hamlet.

    Prince Hamlet.

    King Hamlet/Ghost.

    King Claudius.

    Full Gertrude.

    Rosencrantz and Guildenstern (idk how you can spell that) haha.






    Thank yoou. :)

  60. So, everybody states a vampire named edward is abusive, also it makes me so sad, I almost cry, and many occasions I’ve cried. Because edward wouldn`t inside a MILLION YEARS EVER LAY A Hands ON BELLA, which is exactly what abuse is really how’s he abusive. I wouldn`t care if my boyfriend viewed me well I sleep, it simply means he always wants on the, and that he is overprotective because bella is sort of a speck of dust in edwards world, so he cannot have anything occur to her, she’s an attractive, elegant breakable bit of antique china. please explain twilight haters, just how can the most wonderful guy on the planet be abusive. I`m crying when i write. litterlly I’m clutching twilight between my legs and crying, my eyes are extremely inflamed due to the vampire stinging tears…I’ve attempted several occasions to turn my self right into a vampire, I’ve seen every website and done every ritual, but still am not reunited with edward, SO EXPLAIN OK CUZ My Body System TINGLES EVER TIME I Discuss This Unique Guy , YOU IDIOTS.. I sweat and cut myself after i think I which i may never reach enjoy him within me…sorry basically gto graphic you hater however i f***ing love him and the smug butt so shut it


    hopelessly deeply in love with a vampire named edward KSSY KISSY

  61. I’ll place it all up for grabs for you personally. A few years back I made some silly mistakes within my existence. I dropped from high-school two times, lost buddies because of my Social Anxiety and needing to accept I am gay. I spiralled right into a depression, hardly departing the home for around annually…now, I do not smoke or drink and I have never been suicidal. I handled to complete high-school and am now studying British at college. I’ve recognized that I am gay and that i generally accept myself. My self-confidence shifts alot and self-esteem is okay. Haven’t any buddies at this time, but familiy existence is okay. Live in your own home. I am finding uni tough since i generally feel anxious more often than not I am out. This really is worrying me lower and putting on me out. I frequently feel exhausted. It is bad. It’s been worse. I lack fundamental social abilities though and I am afraid I’ll never obtain a job, because you need to be social..I understand I’m able to finish college easily and can I recieve employment? Have individuals with bad SA ever finished Uni? Thanks

    Is also it normal for those who have SA to be really unassertive and also have dificulty in arguments, conflicts and indicating negative feelings…I am talking about I am so docile..I am extremely persistent..must i stop college do you consider? I do not wanna however i just have no idea basically can cope in existence. I am talking about what’s real existence like? How shall we be held gonna cope by myself…I’m not sure..

    And just another factor…(I understand you have to think I am a lost cause!), however i frequently seem like existence isn’t real…such as the world is really a stage and we’re all stars..that none of my actions, feelings and just what I am saying is reputable..I am talking about everything I only say and do appears fake in my experience..as an act I am wearing..I am talking about I am not necessarily natural..would you get what i’m saying? what could this be?

  62. my closest friend in the world have been really large her existence .. when it comes to weight i am talking about. she’s the most amazing searching face just like a china toy with full lips and lengthy almond formed eyes.. she’s the very best personality too… the truth is becoming an adult together with her she always ad trouble dating men in senior high school.. she never dated but everybody was her friend cus she only agreed to be plain awesome..lol…. anyways we’re in out 20′s now and she or he was still being a large girl.. i understand she’d nothing like me declaring that exact weight and im the only person you never know however i will level them back to around 300 maybe a bit more but is she ever tall shes 5’10 so shes portioned very well.. anyways she wanted something that might be permanent cus everything she attempted when it comes to going on a diet and gymming just did not help.. and that i know i had been together with her whole time.. she went in to lose weight surgery.. it had been the sleeve gastro-mectomy factor where only oneOrthird of her stomach remains.. she lost 60% of her weight and never she looks AMAZING… im sorry this really is lengthy but things i wished to know from men available… can you date an attractive ladies who needed just a little( “surgical help” as she puts it) .. i am talking about i’ve known her my existence and it is nothing like she eats garbage … she hates sugar lol and salty / spicey food … and she or he loved preparing salads she only agreed to be bigger naturally … but seeing beauty ( im sorry i do not have a pic cus yes, it will make her feel a little off but think about a significantly lighter skin well developed form of kimora lee simmons) knowing this .. would everyone be okay with dating a lady like this…..

    i let her know that any guy want her regardless of what but she gets just a little embarrassed concerning the surgery factor…although she looks good.. some assistance please? thnx…….

  63. I have didn’t have a girlfriend, or perhaps kissed one. I am lanky, skinny, and also have even been referred to as creepy, that has brought me being incredibly shy. My lack of skill only at that age also leads me to feel totally afraid of women. I suppose they’d think less of me when they understood.

    Would a woman even want up to now someone inside my age without any experience? I seem like this type of loser.

  64. my home is australia along with a couple of days ago i met a danish guy online. he’s ten years over the age of me and practically a mans form of myself! today i awoke to beautiful pink roses inside my door having a card saying ‘ guess who sent you flowers from denmark ) love me’

    is that this a typical action for danish males? i’ve read they show hardly any affection, however this guy is amazing.

    i additionally read that danish males who’ve stayed in the usa convey more appealing traits because they learn it from american culture. now this dane comes with an american kind of accent and watches american tv, could that be why he provides me with the very best of both mobile phone industry’s?

    also, i’m moving to denmark (yes mainly due to him) in five years unless of course i’m able to sooner, and i’m wondering, what exactly are danish males like when meeting a lady the very first time, they enjoy?

    any particular qualities of this cultures males?

    every other information could be appreciated :) thankyou

  65. Im 5’9″ but 6’2 in heels. I like putting on heels but even without my heels males still think Im too tall. I’ve really lengthy legs however i feel so insecure about my height. Sometimes I personally don’t like being so tall because males consistently reject me due to it. Why dont males like tall women? Who’re we suppose up to now?

  66. I truly loved Special A and Kaichou wa Maid Sama! Fundamental essentials only two anime I have ever viewed which i have cried within the AMAZING being! (WHY DID They Need To Finish!??) and I am so glad I viewed them since they’re so great! The manga are nice too, and that i can’t decide what’s best (although the manga does extend much more, however the anime managed to get arrived at existence…) however i have previously read a number of manga and so i might be a little picky on individuals.

    I’d like it both manga and/or anime to incorporate the next traits:

    – Guy likes the lady (The lady eventually falls for that guy)

    – Really fantastic art! (SA and Maid-Sama are wonderful good examples)

    – An excellent story (Attempt to laid off the fantasy. The spells get a little annoying…)

    – Comedy (I really like it once they use chibi, although not excessively chibi, if guess what happens I am talking about. Maid-Sama had a tad too much chibi in my taste, however it really was good nonetheless)

    – Senior High School. Once more, Senior High School STORY PLEASE

    – I am not just one for sad occasions. Drama differs from sad.

    – This might be hard, however i Like It When The GUY Is Of Interest! Seriously, Usui and Kei = perfection (Both are my screensavers lol)

    – I do not mean to become hair-ist (hair racist idk…) however i would rather when the girl has longer hair because when it is short, they often blend in to the male crowd a lil an excessive amount of… (Ouran is definitely an exception. That’s additionally a fantastic manga+anime!) The man must have short hair too. I usually mistake the men with lengthy hair as women also it just will get on my small nerves… XD

    – Very few side tales. I do not mind another Primary figures getting side tales, but a lot of the story should depend around the girl and guy.

    - OPT. The man is a little protective and will get very jealous. I additionally like it once the guy is definitely an very attractive baddass XD KAWAIIIIIII! XD

    – OPT. The lady should begin to see the guy as some kind of rival or nuisance. LOL they also have the very best moments and also the character development from then is amazing <3
    – OPT. Love triangle .<)

    Sorry for the HUGE list! I hope I sparked any of your favorites and can't wait to hear the answers! TYSM for your consideration!

  67. Alright, bear with me here! I have never in my life dealt with this til now I guess.
    So I’m talking to this chick who dresses like a dude and she is sooo hot, in my opinion. Like I’ve never felt so physically attracted to anyone like that, except maybe this feminine guy who shares the same traits as her I liked back in high school. From her facebook picture, you would’ve thought she was a guy until you notice her name. Besides her looks, she is such a deep thinker. Like, she is so creative when it comes to writing her thoughts/poetry down that I can totally relate and enjoy her stuff. She has this amazing sense of humor and is non-judgemental, I would be seeing pics of her hanging out with other people, whom I all know and all are straight. She is definitely a lesbian too. So I sent her a message and told her I think how cool of a person she is, and in turn, she appreciated it, introduced herself and gave me her # and we’ve talked from there. It’s like….I wouldn’t mind kissing her or holding hands with her, just thinking about it. I wouldn’t go as far as to wanting to have sex with her or anything like that. I just have these sparking romantic feelings.
    I mean, I don’t know!!! She just looks like a guy, shares admirable qualities I’d like to have in someone, perfect height, ect ect. But the thing is, I never have thoughts like this to the opposite gender however I definitely was Bi-curious back in high school.

    So am I Bi-sexual or still bi-curious? I’m 19, btw.

  68. Hi, I am writing a magazine, and that i take some help allowing the figures. I essentially ask them to lower, now all that’s left is which makes them credible figures. Any tips about how to do that? Or any really useful websites? Thanks!

  69. My bday is 12 02 87 and one guy is 2 14 86 and the other one is 10 15 87?

  70. I really like my main character to be a self-deprecating sarcastic little shit (in a funny way) because it’s easy for me because that’s what I’m like but that seems like a cliche. What are some interesting personality traits that aren’t used as often in stories?

  71. Okay, so I want to know a couple of stuff from you guys. First off, I’d like to know what you’d consider a bad boy character to be like ( Like you know his personality, likes, dislike), stuff like that. Also a tomboy girl’s personality trait, a witty character, a wise character. just basically give me a thought about these and also if you know someone totally awesome and totally adore their personality ( whether from a movie, or one of your friends, relatives) or anything really just write down.

    Also, what do you consider a good story? What gets you hooked? The plot, title, characters … what?
    And also add a few humorous, witty, funny quote or joke you know ;)

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